WATCH VIDEO: Ghana Passes Law to Completely Ban Cigarette Sales ?

Lawmakers in Ghana have passed a new law through the House that will completely abolish the sale of cigarettes throughout the country, according to reports.

The new regulation, which will cost the country billions in tax revenue, will supposedly save upwards of 2 million lives per year.

“We have known forever that smoking is stup!d sh!t, so why are we still selling cigarettes? Why is this still a thing?” said Legislator Akrokeri Tokuranu. “There is absolutely no reason to smoke. None. It doesn’t have a single actual benefit.

It’s not like smoking weed, which, let’s face it, is awesome. Banning the sale will save lives, and help children not pick up the habit.”

The law will not go into effect until January of 2020, but Wonando says he hopes that many stores stop selling before then.

“I doubt they will, but it really is something we’re hoping the public helps us with,” said Wonando. “I mean sh!t, this isn’t Jamaica. We’re a lot more sophisticated here.”


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