VIDEO: Woman Arrested After Her Boyfriend Died From Suffocation During 69 $£X Position

A woman may face charges for manslaughter after suffocating his partner to death during a very well known $£XUAL position.

According to the police officer, Gary Cockburn, the couple drank big amounts of alcohol before the $£XUAL act. The woman, whose name remains secret to protect her, declared that due to the drinks the drank, they got h0rny. They decided to get n@ked, and since she was h0rny, she was in “automatic mode”, so she got on top of him, and put her big thingy over his mouth, officially beginning the popular “69” position.

She points out that everything was fine in the beginning. But she felt something weird: “he was kicking”, but she thought it was due to the drinks they previously consumed.

Once she was done, she got off the man, only to find out he was “purple”. She freaked out and called an ambulance, but it was too late. He was dead.

The police arrested her and she may face charges.

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